Foster Program 


They just need a place to crash

One of the most impactful ways you can help rescue kitties is to foster! Different kitties require different needs, so we hope to pair you up with the perfect foster kitty depending on your time commitment, experience and living situation. Experience is not required and we would love to teach you how to be an effective foster. There are certain requirements that we like to follow for the best foster experience which include: 

  • Effective communication skills. This is important so that foster & rescue stay on the same page about meetings/pick-up/drop-off, medical needs and other topics.

  • Ability to take photos of the foster. In order for the kitties to find homes, they need to be seen! Clear pictures/videos are a must (not necessarily posed).

  • Located near Hoboken/Jersey City. Our vet is located in Jersey City and so it's important to be nearby.

Let's save some kitties! Foster application is below. 

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